Myths of green tea and their truth | THE SCIENTIFIC GUY

 Myths of green tea and benefits | THE SCIENTIFIC GUY

Most of the people in the world have their morning tea. Tea or tea can be of any kind. like

White tea

Black tea

Milk tea

Green tea

Organic tea

etc.. For the past few years, most people have made green tea a part of their everyday life. The reason for this is that a lot of antioxidants are present in green tea, which benefit the body in various ways.

At the same time, taking sips of green-tea can also stop hair fall (Green tea for healthy hair) and can also make a face mask from green tea, which benefits the skin a lot.

Many myths are also spread in the market about green tea, which people blindly believe.

Fitness freaks or people who want to lose weight consume green tea only. They believe that drinking green tea helps in reducing weight.

Have you wondered what exactly is the connection between green tea and weight loss and can it really help you lose weight?

Maybe not…..!

There is no direct answer to this question. While some people gave positive reviews on 'Green Tea Benefits in Weight Loss', many said that it did not show any difference.

Many myths are also spread in the market about green tea, so let us also know about the myths of green tea and their truth.

What is Green Tea 

Green tea is basically tea that has not gone through any oxidation process. It is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. It has been used for its health benefits for centuries in India and China.

Its first variety originated in China, but now it is being produced worldwide.

Its taste is different from normal tea. According to research, according to the brand, two to three cups of green-tea can be beneficial in a day.

1. Green tea and metabolism

The connection between green tea and weight loss is seen because green tea increases the metabolic rate, which burns more calories. Many research has also confirmed this.

Myth: Green tea increases the metabolic rate hence helps in rapid weight loss.

Fact: If you have suddenly lost or gained weight, then your metabolic rate will fluctuate and you may need to take some green tea for that. But in people whose metabolism is already stable, there is no change in weight, green tea will not show any significant difference in those people.

Instead of green tea, they can also take caffeine from black coffee. No significant difference will be seen with just green tea.

2. Green tea and weight loss

If you want to drink green tea to help you lose weight, then consuming green tea is a good thing. But to think that the more green tea you drink, the more weight loss will be, it is wrong.

Myth: More green tea means more weight loss

Fact: Generally people can consume 1-2 cups of green tea. According to research, consuming up to 3 cups of green tea is fine.

However, in some cases too much green tea is known to cause digestion problems and severe stomach pain. At the same time, caffeine is also found in high amounts in it, which can cause problems in sleeping.

Therefore, drinking more green tea in the wake of more weight loss is just a myth.

3. Green tea and health

Green tea is considered by many to be one of the healthiest varieties of tea. Actually, it was used to make medicines in China and India.

We already know about the 'Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss'. But does it have more health benefits?

Myth: Green tea is not helpful in cases of cancer, diabetes, brain function and heart diseases.

Fact: Apart from the benefits of green tea in weight loss, it is also called a healthy option for other reasons.

Indeed, green tea is extremely rich in biocompounds and antioxidants, which help your body in many ways.

Therefore, it can be said that drinking green tea has many health benefits and many health conditions can also be avoided.

Conclusion: No single thing helps in weight loss. So don't depend on any one thing. Therefore, green tea will neither help in reducing weight, nor will it keep health right. Rather, diet, physical activity, sleeping pattern should all be correct with green tea, then it will give results.

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