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30 Psychology Tricks That Work on Everyone

Many books are written studying our attribute, mainly because we, humans, aren't average mammals, but rather quite complex beings. And while we do have some apparent human behavior patterns, most folks haven't any idea how easy it's actually to read them without involving any real psychoanalysis. It seems that no raised eyebrow, nose scratch, or foot placement is completed without reason. 

But let’s be real – no visual communication trick will make your date instantly fall crazy with you, or your dream company hire you. However, some of these psychological tricks are really easy, and you can use them every day. So, what are you able to gain from these life hacks? Well, you'll appear more confident than you actually are, which may be a great start.

Take a glance at these fifteen short tips and interesting facts below and tell us within the comments whether you’ve used any of them before. And if not, you would possibly be tempted to undertake this type of psychological evaluation on your friends.

#1. Mirror Their Behavior

Mirroring is also known as mimicry, some people do this naturally. People that naturally have this skill are also considered chameleons; they try to blend into their environment by copying other people’s movements, speech patterns, and mannerisms. This ability can also be used consciously with some practice and is an excellent way to make yourself more likable.

Researchers have studied mimicry and found that people who had been mimicked were a lot more likely to act in your favor toward the person who had copied their movements. Individuals who have had someone mimic their behavior are actually more agreeable and nicer to other people in general. Mirroring someone’s behavior makes them feel validated and has a positive outcome because it helps with self-esteem and confidence.

#2. Keep Eye Contact

Sometimes eye contact is awkward and uncomfortable, especially with strangers. When you don’t look someone in the eyes, it might come off that you're not interested in what the person is saying. So here's what you can you do when meeting someone new, try remembering their eye color, This helps keep your mind off the intimacy of locking eyes with someone you don’t know, while also looking interested. Make sure it’s not obvious and keep a smile on your face!

#3. The Psychic

This one works best on kids. If you want to make your children or friends think you have some psychic ability, catch them in the middle of doing something wrong, and then turn and look away for a few seconds. While looking away, or facing your back to them, call them out on whatever they're doing. And they’ll be amazed at how you knew what they were doing without looking right at them.

#4. The E test

This one is simple, try asking someone to draw an uppercase letter E on their forehead with their finger. And if they draw it so you can read it the correct way, they’re doing what’s best for you and shows that they are an empathetic person. If they draw it facing themselves, so it’s harder for the reader to read, that means they are thinking of their self-more than the other person and aren’t as empathetic.

#5. If someone isn’t your biggest fan

If you think a person isn’t a fan of you for some reason, try to borrow something from them like a pencil or pen. Even though that person doesn’t like you, he or she will conclude in their mind that you are not such a “bad” person after all. The more you're willing to talk to people and be nice, even if the two of you don’t like each other, the more likely they are too warm up to you, and you could even eventually end up being friends.

#6. Whisper

When you whisper something to someone it almost guarantees that they’ll whisper back, even if you're in an environment where you don't need to be quiet.

#7. Look Right To Left

When trying to find something, look right to left instead of left to right like you normally would. You’re most likely going to miss things because your eyes are so used to looking in one direction. When you switch it up and look in the opposite direction, your eyes slow down, this allows you to have a better chance of finding what you're searching for.

#8. Asking For Help

If you want help from other people just start simply asking “I need your help.” People will most likely give in and really assist you because they don’t want to feel guilty for not helping you out. People tend to avoid guilt whenever possible.

#9. Chewing Gum

Scientists have discovered that chewing gum increases memory. Chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain. If you chew gum at the same time as taking a test, you’re more likely to score higher than people who don’t chew gum because it helps your brain focus and concentrates better.

#10. Nodding

When people nod while listening to someone speak, they usually end up agreeing with the speaker. When someone nods in front of a person speaking, the person who is talking, kind of like the same thing a parrot would do, will repeat the same words over and over again. By doing this, nodding provokes listener’s complete agreement possibly without even realizing it.

#11. Look into their eyes

Tell someone to look right into your eyes and ask them to say they can’t stop looking. Ask them a random question like what they had for lunch two days ago, and chances are they won’t be able to answer you. It’s tough to remember something without moving your eyes.

#12. Win the Game

If you're playing a game against someone and you want them to mess up so you can win, ask them how they’re playing so well and they’ll start overthinking it and most likely mess up.

#13. Number Patterns

If someone is busy concentrating on counting something, and you want to make them mess up and lose count. Start saying a set of numbers in order instead of just saying random numbers. This is because the brain naturally catches onto patterns better than random sets of numbers.

#14. Stop Procrastinating

If you are a procrastinator and have important tasks arising that cannot be postpone – try brooding about the task before you sleep. It will force your brain to act on them mentally and your brain will start to draw a pathway to the completion of the task. Simply put – before doing a task within the physical world, roll in the hay in your head first. When you get thereto in your real world , the brain will have already processed an enormous chunk of the task, making it easier for you to truly finish it.

#15. Keep Calm

If you ever find yourself in an argument with someone, act much more peaceful than them. Let them raise their voice and get all worked up, but remain calm and don’t raise your voice. The other person getting angry and yelling can cause them to say something particularly irrational, and you can use that against them later.

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