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Somehow, many people feel obligated to give away their time and energy to others. But why? Perhaps they feel the need to prove themselves or have the intense desire to be liked? The problem is that by caring too much about opinions of other people, you become their servant. 


There’s this magical tool that can help solve a lot of problems in your life. It’s something that can bring you inner peace and calm yourself. We often cling to many things in life whether it’s people, ideas, careers, or relationships. This leads to approval seeking behavior where you feel the need to give away your time and energy to others. You try to convince others that you are someone who should be acknowledged but it oftentimes ends up with you being their servant. In order to free yourself and tell the world you value yourself, you have to use this magical tool called walking away. If you find yourself in that situation often, use this powerful method to regain your sovereignty and show the world that you value yourself. 

This method is called: ‘walking away’. Walking away seems rude, but sometimes it’s a necessary measure to exert a sense of power over a situation. In a lifetime you meet a variety of people. Some of these people have difficulties respecting other people’s boundaries. Some of them are clingy and demand a great chunk of your time. Others are simply cruel assholes that seek to take advantage of people for their own gain. 

No one wants to feel loss or pain. We all have the power to walk away from a situation but most of us never use that power. Maybe it’s because most of us fear pain. We all encounter a variety of people and situations in life. As life goes on, you form meaningful relationships and connections. However, you become aware that some people do not respect boundaries. It’s a lot easier to be naive and believe people won’t steamroll you and use you but the truth is that they will if you allow them. In order to let people, know you value yourself you need to set boundaries and walking away is one of the best methods. You might think walking away is rude, but it is a necessary measure once the situation calls for it.

When you show these people that you’re willing and able to remove yourself from their presence it will not only send them a message that they do not own you; it will give you back control over your own faculty. The power of ‘walking away’ has two great companions. 

1) The word ´no´. 

2) Direction. 

If you often find yourself wasting your time to the whims of other people. Or worse: you are often being taken advantage of and used or even abused by them. It is very likely that you have difficulties saying ‘no’ and that you lack direction in life. The inability to say ‘no’ and the absence of direction in life leads to you not standing firm. If you’re not standing firm, you’re easily caught up in the affairs of other people. The thing is, when people notice that you lack direction - for example in the form of commitment to a personal goal they will see your time as less valuable than theirs. This observation legitimizes you doing stuff for them instead of for yourself. In their eyes, you’re at least doing something valuable with your time which is being a utility - for their interest. However, when you are committed to a goal, it shows that you value your time and, therefore, your life. People will realize that you’re spending your time in ways that are more important than serving them. 

Also, by keeping your eyes on the ball, it’s way easier to walk away from situations in which people violate your boundaries or downright abuse you. This could be the case in regard to the workplace, marriage and even friendships. Being tethered to your own path results in you caring less about the affairs of others. When you focus on yourself, you will not engage in needy, approval seeking behavior because there is only one person you have to prove yourself to you. Walking away from abusive people and destructive environments will protect your self-respect and integrity. It shows the world that you decide and are not decided for. It shows your friends, family, and spouse that, although you love them, you are not dependent on them and will not stick around when they cross your boundaries. It shows the person you are doing business with that you have plenty of other options and, despite the fact that you’re interested, the deal is not a necessity for you. 

Walking away shows the world that you are in charge of your life. Walking away shows the people you interact with that although you love them or can work with them peacefully, you are not fully dependent on them. It shows that once enough is enough, you are willing to leave and find other people. The right people, relationships, or career will come around. You will find people that respect you and you can respect them back. Walking away also teaches you to have an abundance mindset. You start learning that there are many opportunities out there.

Walking away creates an abundance mindset. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, possessions, or friendships, it signals that you are utterly content. You might like and love certain people in your life, but you don’t need them. Luxury, a million dollars in the bank, a Lamborghini, a trophy wife… it’s all great, but without these externals you’ll be perfectly fine as well. The willingness to walk away, and mean it, is your strongest negotiating position, because either way, you win. 

Once you master the power of walking away and get an abundance mindset, it can be extremely helpful in business deals and romantic relationships. It shows the other party that even though you are interested, the deal is not necessary for you. That kind of power can get you deals you might not have been able to get in the past. The willingness to walk away is one of the strongest negotiating positions because it technically results in a win-win situation. You can use it to fix a relationship or use it to break free from a relationship. How you use this power is up to you. 

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